Psychotherapy is oftentimes an important part of treatment. Dr. Aubergine may recommend psychotherapy or counseling. Dr. Aubergine works closely with many highly skilled therapists. In some cases, Dr. Aubergine is available to provide psychodynamic psychotherapy.

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is often referred to as ‘therapy.’ There are many different modalities and some are used to address specific emotional concerns and illnesses. Therapy can explore many different aspects of a person’s life depending on what their current concerns or symptoms are. A patient in therapy should find relief from symptoms, resolution of conflicts, strategies to manage challenges, and improvement in overall being. Everyone who is receptive to working on personal growth or healing can benefit from therapy. Therapy is an important part of treatment for most mental illnesses such as anxiety disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders, addictions, eating disorders, and psychotic disorders.

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