After your initial consultation, Dr. Aubergine may or may not recommend treatment with medication.  Medication management follow-up appointments are an essential part of proper treatment and how often these are scheduled differs depending on each individual’s case.  If medication is recommended, the rationale and treatment goals will be discussed at length.


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What is Psychopharmacology?

Psychopharmacology is typically referred to as ‘medication management.’ It is the study of the use of medication to treat various illnesses. Extensive training is required for a proper understanding of pharmacodynamics (what a medication does to the body) and pharmacokinetics (what the body does to the medication). Many patients benefit from medication as part of their treatment plan. A multitude of factors are taken into consideration when determining who is a good candidate for treatment with medication: age, symptoms and severity, past treatments, individual concerns, among many others. Time and time again studies have shown that combination treatment of therapy and medication have the best outcomes. The goal of treatment is, of course, to always have the most positive impact on functioning without any adverse effects.

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