Psychiatric Evaluation

Dr. Aubergine uses her psychiatric evaluation to better understand her patients and their history.

What happens during a psychiatric evaluation?

A psychiatric evaluation is the first step in the diagnostic and treatment process. During a psychiatric evaluation, information is gathered about medical, mental health, and social history.

What is the main purpose of the evaluation?

The purpose is to gather comprehensive information in order to determine a possible diagnosis.

How long is a psychiatric evaluation? Can I bring someone with me?

Dr. Aubergine typically meets with children and parents together, and in the case of older children, also meets with them separately. Dr. Aubergine schedules two hours for an initial psychiatric evaluation appointment. She recommends that parents of younger children, especially, bring a favorite toy and snack.

After the evaluation, Dr. Aubergine will discuss her diagnostic impressions and treatment recommendations. There will be sufficient time for you to ask all of your questions.

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